Why eLearning?

Effective eLearning can offer a range of benefits over alternative training methods. But of course, we would say that.

Done well, eLearning can enable a more active participation than classroom-based activities. Learners don't have to wait around whilst others catch up or feel under pressure to complete tasks more quickly than they feel competent to do.

Here are just a few reasons why we think you should consider eLearning to deliver your information:

There is no travel time, no trainers to pay, no rooms to hire and administration can be completely automated.
No trickling down of information. Everyone gets the same messages. Everywhere. Consistently.
It appeals to all learning styles. It uses a mix of media and a range of interactive tasks to help the user remember what they've learnt. And for longer.
It is easy to update. You can keep the information you want to deliver accurate and current. It can grow with your workforce.
It can be tailor-made for you. It can meet your aims and needs and not someone else's.
It tells you where you're going and how you're doing. It inspires confidence.
Time saving
You can deliver information quickly. Users spend less time away from productive work. Users can choose when to access the learning, so they can manage their time more efficiently.
Learners can focus on their own needs at their own pace, at any time and in almost any place. You can choose how you want to inform. In bite-sized chunks.
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