nimble® for Education

Our vision for education:

We believe nimble® can enable teachers to create dynamic and professional learning materials which inspire students to achieve success. nimble® can transform learning experiences through interactivity, 24/7 availability and ease of use.

For the teacher:

nimble®Author makes it very (very) easy to create engaging eLearning resources without the need for technical knowledge or training. There are a variety of assessment styles which provide instant feedback to students. nimble®Author is cloud-based, making it easy to create courses collaboratively by teams of teachers. Courses can be easily uploaded onto Moodle or your VLE too.

For the student:

Being cloud-based means students have access to courses 24/7, ideal for blended learning and flipped classrooms. Students can use these resources on tablets, smartphones and laptops too. They’ve also told us how much they like the dynamic and professional style of nimble® and the chance to learn independently.

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