We offer a range of high quality, engaging and flexible eLearning courses that will get results - all of which can be easily customised using nimble®Author. With every purchase, you will receive:

  • A free nimble®Author licence to easily edit your course
  • A course that works on desktops, laptops and tablets (including iPad)
  • Straight-forward pricing across all courses
  • SCORM 1.2
  • Full support from our eLearning247 team, ensuring stress-free course deployment
  • Optional nimble®LMS account*

With a free nimble®Author licence, you can brand and customise your courses in minutes. Alternatively, our consultancy team can support you. Whether you require modifications to one of our generic courses, a bespoke course or course review - we can help.

*No LMS? No problem. You can release your courses through nimble®LMS, our integrated Learning Management System.

Our editable courses available

Information Security

Most of us work on computers and so much important information is now held digitally. This poses new threats to the security of the information we deal with. How secure is your password? Do you always lock your computer when you get up from your desk? Make sure you defend information against unauthorised access!

Managing and Reducing Stress

Most people experience stress from time to time, and this isn't necessarily bad; stress is a natural response, but prolonged periods of stress can be harmful. There are many ways in which employees can reduce or avoid stress, and if they are experiencing stress already, there are approaches they can follow to manage their stress most effectively.

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