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Despite an ever-increasing number and variety of businesses approaching nimble®, we find there are many common requirements. We consider nimble® to be a truly customer-led product. Please see below for latest articles on product development, if you have more suggestions we'd love to hear from you. Please contact nimble® directly or post your comments in the forum and see if the Community agrees!

Avoiding Dirty Laundry

HMRC estimates £40 billion each year is laundered through British organisations by criminals and terrorists. That’s a lot of dirty washing isn’t it? But such large figures can be meaningless.

To contextualise it:
• £1 billion pays for 147,000 state pensions
• In the 2015 General Election the Conservatives promised £18 billion to go into the Right to Buy Scheme
• £40 billion pays for 4 months’ budget for the NHS.

‘Privacy is not for the passive’

The quote in the title of this article is from Jeffrey Rosen, the American Information Security expert, reminds us of the dangers of complacency.

It’s so easy to assume our information is safe, isn’t it? Yet, as we point out in our Information Security training course, (here), a government survey last year reported 80% of organisations experienced a breach in their security and it cost an average £600,000 per year.

Reflections on a year of innovation

nimble® by name, nimble by nature - that’s us!

We pride ourselves on responding to new developments and to requests from our customers. We think listening and responding to feedback is important, whether it’s on the phone, via email or even from our newsletters! That’s what keeps us nimble!

So here are some of the improvements we’ve introduced in 2015 to nimble®Author, thanks to your suggestions and requests:

New! nimble®Courses are now available

The era of eLearning
There is now a plethora of online courses designed to form the backbone of most companies’ human resources toolkits. Indeed, by law, organisations are finding it their corporate responsibility to train their employees across a multitude of political, social and skill-specific topics, in the interest of both their employees’ personal well-being and that of the company. At eLearning247 we’re combining these fundamental courses with our dynamic and engaging learning platform, nimble®.

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