Personalise the MOOC

The latest Big Thing in post 16 education has been the MOOC – Massive Open Online Courses. For cash-strapped institutions they've appeared to be the Holy Grail but research is starting to deflate this particular bubble. They lead to low completion rates, high dropout rates, and the general inability to make them a financially viable concept. Studies have also indicated that males, younger students, many ethnic communities struggle in this environment.

Death by PowerPoint

I’m often asked how, as someone with thirty-five years of teaching experience, I arrived at a point in my life where I am encouraging schools and colleges to buy e-authoring software. The reason lies in observing hundreds of lessons as a learner. It’s not an experience many teachers get so they don’t consider this perspective.

eLearning for Generation Z

As FELTAG pointed out, many teachers are struggling to provide learning experiences for Generation Z. They are ‘digital natives’ whose lives have been dominated by the internet and digital technology, experiences which have rewired how they think.

Yet much of education hasn’t caught up with them. Their teachers steadfastly use PowerPoint and think the Cloud is what blocks the sun.


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