Data Mining for Analytical Nuggets

To prove anything in education you need data. Furthermore, when so much of education is subjective rather an objective, more qualitative than quantitative, data needs to be carefully explored, sifted, refined and analysed. Once done, you have those nuggets of evidence that can justify actions, policy decisions and students’ futures.

The Power of Collaboration

We’re still buzzing with excitement after the success of our nimble® Community Day. The number of delegates doubled compared to last year, a reminder of how many organisations are joining our community. Yet size isn’t everything! The greatest thrill came from the positivity generated by everyone, as shown in the comments from our evaluation sheets:

How Digital Technology informs ‘Mantle of the Expert’

What is Mantle of the Expert?
Drama teaching offers all sorts of pedagogical possibilities that empower students; none more so than Dorothy Heathcote’s ‘Mantle of the Expert’. The idea is simple, the students are the ones who use knowledge to construct an appropriate learning environment, rather than the teacher. Heathcote defined the teacher’s role as an ‘enabler’ rather than the traditional ‘transmitter’ role.

nimble® Community Day 2015

nimble® Community Day 2015

A big thank you to everyone who joined us for this year's nimble® Community Day.

It was great to see you all and you made the day a big success. Twice as big in fact as last year's event, with double the customers joining us for the day, including plenty of 'returning veterans' from last year.

It was lovely to see so many of you face-to-face and your feedback has been extremely encouraging. Here's just a few of your comments:

"We've enjoyed it as always. It's given us ideas, and that's what we came for."

Welcome Luke and Rory!

Staying cutting edge and customer friendly, intuitive and inspiring, works when you employ the best. And that’s what we’ve just done.

We’re very pleased to welcome Rory Conlan and Luke Clewlow to the company as our kingpins of coding. As with so many backroom boffins, they’re seldom seen by our clients, they work in the magical world of our IT offices in Bristol. However, you’ll experience their expertise by the simple and easy-to-use ways you produce courses using nimble®, by its interactivity and our ability to deliver what our customers tell us they need.

The three E's

The three Es of eLearning

We know the E stands for Electronic – it shows how long the term has been around and makes you ask what term came before it, doesn’t it? Was it bLearning – where the B stands for blackboard? It’s a bit misleading really, because we’re actually talking about digital learning, using the Cloud. Perhaps we should rename it dLearning?


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