Reflections on a year of new faces

‘nimblets’ - you won’t find this collective noun in the dictionary! It’s the term we use for the dedicated, hard-working and creative folk who work for nimble®. Rather like bunnies, they’re multiplying as well. In 2015 we’ve been joined by:

Rory and Luke, who were introduced back in July as new members of our coding team. You can read more about their experience and what they do now by clicking here.

Reflections on a year of innovation

nimble® by name, nimble by nature - that’s us!

We pride ourselves on responding to new developments and to requests from our customers. We think listening and responding to feedback is important, whether it’s on the phone, via email or even from our newsletters! That’s what keeps us nimble!

So here are some of the improvements we’ve introduced in 2015 to nimble®Author, thanks to your suggestions and requests:

Top tips to get the best out of nimble®: How to look professional

You’re busy creating courses, the clock is against you, your mind is focused on the content and assessment; it’s easy to compromise on the professionalism of your work. We recommend a few simple tips to ensure your material is professional and your learners experience courses which look good in every way.

Here are 5 tips to get you started:

1. Have you branded your learner login area?
(If not, navigate to Settings, then Site, choose a background, logo and colour and finally click Save).


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