Offshore wind farm interaction for The Crown Estate

We have launched an exciting interactive product for The Crown Estate that demonstrates the lifecycle of an offshore wind farm. The product explains how it’s possible to build a wind farm 70 miles out at sea and explains what goes into the three main project phases; development, installation and operation.

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New course builder functionality: Hotspots

We’ve just added a new hotspot interaction type to our online course builder. You can now place hotspots over any image. When a student rolls their mouse over the hotspot, a pop-up appears containing your information.

Adding to an already extensive range of page templates and interactions, your course content can be even more engaging and memorable.

If you have any suggestions or improvements for our course builder and LMS we’d love to hear from you. Please complete our feedback form at

Another happy customer

We’ve just completed another great project for the National Skills Academy for Power. Have you ever wondered how power is produced and how it reaches our homes and businesses; allowing us to watch TV, turn on our computers, use our mobile phones and so much more?

'The Journey of Power' takes its audience on an exciting journey which starts at a power station where electricity is produced, travels from pylon to pylon via cables, races through substations and eventually reaches our homes and businesses via underground cables.

eLearning247 supports Think Power

By 2020, there will be an astonishing 60,000 jobs created in wind energy in the UK, with wind power generation capacity expected to increase from 6GW to 28GW. The UK faces the challenge of having sufficient talent available to fill these roles itself. By working collaboratively, employers in the wind industry and education and skills providers are striving increase the capability and capacity of the workforce to meet the new demand. The Think Power website is at the forefront of this career drive.


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