Time flies

Time is the real baddie where so many eLearning managers are concerned.

What does its villainy look like? Evidence suggests this master criminal uses speed against us, as its victims tell us when they come to us for help. Its crime falls into 3 categories:

1. Difficulty in finding time to train people (often when it means detracting from their productivity)

2. Limited time to create training courses/materials (especially when balanced against conflicting priorities)

Good Call - Autonet achieve "Highly Commended" call centre award

Many congratulations to Autonet Insurance Group, for achieving 'Highly Commended' in the ‘Best Use of Technology’ category in the Midlands & Yorkshire Contact Centre Awards 2016!

We’re proud to have played a small part in their success. It's a real achievement to be 'podium finishers' when the outright winner had a team of 30 people and other entrants were huge brand names.

Our eLearning Journey - Chant Productions

How do you grow a business which is all about performance, building engagement and being accessible? These 3 factors provided a real challenge to international opera singer Sean Ruane’s company Chant Productions (www.chantproductions.co.uk). Their mission is to not only provide inspirational opportunities for school children to sing but to get them doing it in front of thousands of people at sporting stadiums too! (Look out for them soon on Children in Need and at the Rugby League Four Nations tournament.)

Our eLearning Journey - In Good Company

How do you grow a business whilst balancing the demands of day-to-day pressures?
That’s the focus of this case study from ‘In Good Company’ - www.igcompany.co.uk
This consultancy provides accredited coaching training and Leadership Development and Jo Wheatley and Zoe Hawkins, its directors, are on a journey to extend their capacity beyond face-to-face training whilst adding value to the company’s training portfolio. Their journey began with a search.

nimble®Community Day 2016

Here are some of the highlights of our wonderful Community Day.

So many great moments, from Barry Sampson's keynote address, the sector discussions in breakout groups and the fantastic practitioner case studies from Karen at Autonet, Tammy at Europa Group, Paul at UPM and Richard at DFDS.

And the weather was kind too!

All in all, a great day. One that illustrated the power of our learning community.

Two of our practitioner case studies can be seen in their videos:


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