Welcome Luke and Rory!

Staying cutting edge and customer friendly, intuitive and inspiring, works when you employ the best. And that’s what we’ve just done.

We’re very pleased to welcome Rory Conlan and Luke Clewlow to the company as our kingpins of coding. As with so many backroom boffins, they’re seldom seen by our clients, they work in the magical world of our IT offices in Bristol. However, you’ll experience their expertise by the simple and easy-to-use ways you produce courses using nimble®, by its interactivity and our ability to deliver what our customers tell us they need.

Luke studied at Bristol University and undertook further training in coding to become the expert we encountered during a work placement with us. At the moment Luke’s busy working on the ‘front end’ of our website (the part our clients see) to make it even easier for them to use. He’s also working on rebuilding our LMS (Learning Management System) to improve how it’s used.

Why did he join us? “I was attracted to work for the company largely because of the people and their enthusiasm and belief in what they’re doing, it’s exciting to be on board with such a positive company with a product that is already so good and improving so quickly!”

Like the rest of us, Luke’s excited at the prospects for eLearning, “I’m looking forward to seeing where we can take it and building modern and useful tools for e-learners!”

Rory arrived in our offices via Ireland and Bristol. He’s been a highly successful businessman in his own right in the competitive world of mobile content and after helping us as a contractor for a while we realised we needed this clever guy on our team! Rory’s now busy developing our new cloud based system using cutting edge technologies like Amazon Web Services, Docker and Go. This ground-breaking approach is what drew him to the role, he finds it challenging but enjoyable too – even if it does infiltrate his dreams sometimes!

Both guys bring with them the expertise needed to ensure nimble® remains an effective and innovative approach to eLearning and we’re happy to welcome them to the team.