Personalise the MOOC

The latest Big Thing in post 16 education has been the MOOC – Massive Open Online Courses. For cash-strapped institutions they've appeared to be the Holy Grail but research is starting to deflate this particular bubble. They lead to low completion rates, high dropout rates, and the general inability to make them a financially viable concept. Studies have also indicated that males, younger students, many ethnic communities struggle in this environment.

Online learning is a viable solution; but it needs to be personalised so the student feels they are the ones getting value for money, not the other way round. Online learning allows the student to be able to work when it’s convenient for them but they need to feel what they’re achieving is visible to the teacher.

E-authoring software provides this solution because it personalises the online experience. Assessments can trigger a range of options for an individual learner to ensure progress is achieved.

The danger in MOOC-style thinking is to assume big is best; the more you can involve with limited financial investment the better it is. I worry some people will use this philosophy to address the FELTAG requirements. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Here at nimble® our prices ensure online learning can be affordable and easy to personalise for each student. Perhaps we should think of Personalised Open Online Courses instead – POOCs!

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Phil Parker, education consultant at eLearning247