nimble® Evolution

Charles Darwin said, “It’s not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”

In other words, they are nimble-minded.

We encourage that kind of thinking from our customers so it’s not surprising we practise this belief in the company too. It’s a mind-set. One that arises out of a clear process:
• We review and evaluate what we do and how/why we do it
• We look for ways to improve
• We stay firmly attached to our company values
• We develop new ideas, test them before integrating them into the company.

It’s a constant process, evolution isn’t sporadic, you need to keep looking for ways to adapt.

Technology drives a lot of the changes we make but so do our customers. You tell us what you want to see in nimble®, what you need it to do for you. However, we believe we’re different to other eLearning companies because we put the customer at the centre of our evolutionary processes.

Here are some ways in which we’ve done that in 2016:

• The Customer Success Programme has helped nimble® users to become more effective and efficient, to get the best value from their annual licence. We aim to understand what customers want to achieve and help them reach their goals with reviews of their materials, one-to-one training sessions on the best ways to use nimble®

• We’ve increased the number of Product Consultants in our team. In December, Wendy arrived to work alongside Ben and Andy who joined us at the beginning of the year. Each of them have a solid knowledge of eLearning and specialises in different sectors so they can bring a greater level of understanding to new customers

• The value we place on the nimble® Community can be illustrated by the creation of the new position of nimble® Community Manager, which has been given to Phil, who has been our education consultant. He is currently surveying our customers’ perceptions of the platform and our service so the findings can be fed back into the company. Another part of his work next year will be to develop an active, online forum for nimble® users, with podcasts and workshops to provide the kind of insights customers have requested

• The nimble® Community Day continues to grow in size and popularity. For the first time this year we introduced customer case studies and the feedback was universally appreciated, so much so we’re going to increase this feature next year. nimble® users like to meet one another, network, share ideas and we’ll make sure this will feature in our developments too

• Customers have asked us for a mobile player so their materials can be used even more effectively on tablets and phones. Simon presented to everyone at the Community Day how we’ve responded to that request, many customers have signed up to the beta version and are feeding back their reactions.

• We moved our servers to Amazon Web Services, just like Spotify and Facebook. Though our customers won’t see anything different, this choice and investment arose out of wanting to make our platform resilient, powerful and flexible.

As you can see, we’ve not stood still. Next year we have even more innovations to share with you – but you’ll have to wait until our January newsletter to find out about those!

2017 promises to be another great year to build on our nimble-mindedness!