eLearning for Generation Z

As FELTAG pointed out, many teachers are struggling to provide learning experiences for Generation Z. They are ‘digital natives’ whose lives have been dominated by the internet and digital technology, experiences which have rewired how they think.

Yet much of education hasn’t caught up with them. Their teachers steadfastly use PowerPoint and think the Cloud is what blocks the sun.

E-authoring tools, such as nimble® offer a route into this brave new world for teachers who may feel insecure in such an environment. Its simplicity makes it easy to operate, its format is professional so even the most basic of attempts look good. Most of all, its dynamic format means Generation Z will engage with it.

Learning is easy to access 24/7 because of its cloud technology. Link it to your Moodle and you can check which students use it, when and for how long. A range of assessments ensures learning can be measured.

The point is nimble® offers a digital bridge between teacher and student who, until now, have very different expectations in any learning experience. If, as a teacher, you struggle to understand anyone who uses words such as, ‘Yolo!’, ‘Defs’ and ‘Probs’ – then nimble® is probably the solution for you!

Want to find out more? http://time.com/3764545/future-of-education/

Phil Parker, education consultant at eLearning247