Checklist: before you roll out your course...

Before starting rolling out your course to learners you should check that you have:

  1. Branded your learner login area
  2. Checked the course uses the correct course settings
  3. Published your course
  4. Saved and checked the Word script of the course – for a quick spell and grammar check
  5. Gone through the course as a learner
  6. Set the contact email address
  7. Tested the enrolment email
  8. Set up a pilot group and incorporated their feedback
  9. Communicated your new eLearning programme to the learners
  10. Added and enrolled your learners

Pilot group
Get feedback from people that are in your intended audience to ensure the course is understandable and achieves what you want it to achieve.

We highly suggest setting up a pilot group and asking this group to review the course as learners. This pilot group can be as small as a couple of learners, or as large as tens of learners. We recommend not having too many learners in your pilot group, but instead having a group of learners that reflect the total group of learners. Make sure to ask the learners in the pilot group for feedback. You can either ask them to simply write down their feedback and email this to you or provide them with specific questions.

Communicate to the learners
The learners need to know about the eLearning to be able to complete it.

Make sure you communicate your new eLearning programme to the learners. While you may think learners will simply know about the programme, it is always advisable to clearly communicate about it. There are many different ways in which you can communicate about the eLearning, but we would definitely suggest thinking about using emails and other digital resources. That way learners may be able to navigate to the course straight away.

Add and enrol learners
To give learners access, you have to add them to nimble ®LMS and enrol them on the course

1. Once logged in, add yourself as a learner to the LMS – if you have not done so already
click on the 'Learner' button:

2. Add a learner by clicking the 'Add learner' button:

3. Fill in the details with which you would like to use the system as a learner. Please note that the new learner will not get an email about this

4. Save these settings by clicking on the 'Save' button:

5. Enrol yourself on the course as a learner – if you have not done so already click on the 'Enrolments' button:

6. Select the course in question and click on the 'Manage' button next to the course title:

7. Enrol learners by clicking on the 'Enrol new learners' button:

8. Select your learner details by checking the tick box in front of your name

9. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the 'Enrol new learners' button

10. Decide whether you want to send yourself an enrolment email and click the 'Confirm' button:

Please note that if you do not send this email, the learners will not know they are enrolled nor will they have their login details.