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Social Media Day Offer 75% discount on Twitter and LinkedIn courses created in Nimble by Luan Wise

Social Media Day was launched by the popular website Mashable back in 2010 as a way to recognise and celebrate social media’s impact on global communication.

This year, expert marketer and Nimble author Luan Wise is celebrating by offering 75% discount on her LinkedIn and Twitter elearning courses.

Luan first launched her elearning courses on Social Media Day 2015. Since then she has also written an award-winning book – Relax! It’s Only Social Media – and become an author for, LinkedIn’s own online learning platform.

Meet the new members of our Nimble team

Nimble is growing. Our continued success has led to some important appointments since the start of 2017 to meet that growth. Let’s introduce you to them.

Stuart Arthur is our new Development Team Manager, his role is to lead the development of Nimble, to keep it improving it for our customers and making it attractive for people looking for a cost-effective, easy-to-use eLearning platform. He will work with our development team in our Bristol office.

Avoiding "remote control" learning

Having taught at a sixth form college for over 20 years, I often hoped that a remote control for my students would be invented that allowed me to push buttons entitled ‘BE QUIET!’, ‘SUBMIT HOMEWORK’ and rather selfishly ‘AT LEAST LOOK AS IF YOU ARE INTERESTED’. The genius that produced such a device would surely be richer than Zuckerberg and more revered throughout the teaching world!

Training IS sales!

Over the years I have come to appreciate that whether we are preparing for a face to face training delivery or designing eLearning, there are direct correlations between training and sales. We all know that we need to engage with our learners so that they ‘buy in’, and looking at training from a sales perspective has been extremely helpful. There are three specific points to consider.

eLearning - with personality

eLearning needs to be enjoyable, interesting, flexible and a means to consolidate knowledge. These were the goals of clothing retail giant, Cotton Traders, when they set out to introduce eLearning into their Contact Centre.

Cotton Traders opened in 1987, a business started by two stars of rugby union, Fran Cotton and Steve Smith. They began by selling sportswear and have now expanded their clothing retail empire with over one hundred shops in Britain and an online outlet.

Using filters

Using filters can refine more than just coffee!

The thing with data is that you can spend ages analysing it. It can appear amorphous and complex, and organising it into something meaningful can involve even more time; what’s more, the categories you use for one purpose may not suit the next one, so you go back to the beginning.

To paraphrase the old adage: data can be the thief of Time!

Time flies

Time is the real baddie where so many eLearning managers are concerned.

What does its villainy look like? Evidence suggests this master criminal uses speed against us, as its victims tell us when they come to us for help. Its crime falls into 3 categories:

1. Difficulty in finding time to train people (often when it means detracting from their productivity)

2. Limited time to create training courses/materials (especially when balanced against conflicting priorities)


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