nimble® version history

We're constantly updating and improving nimble® to meet the ever-changing requirements of our growing customer base. Here are just a few of the many improvements we've made to nimble®Author and nimble®LMS over the last couple of years.


Javascript course player (iPad/android tablet)
Text input interaction
Reflective text input interaction
Case study interaction
Audio button
Post-it notes (for course author communication)
Question retry option
Tutor audio support
Foreign language support (including player interface)

Course certification
Student self-enrolment
Multiple user accounts
Custom permissions and roles
Reseller LMS management
File management
SCORM 1.2 export
Standalone course export
Client management (allowing customers to manage multiple clients)


Official launch of nimble®Author [v1.3.13 ] (released in January 2014)
High resolution image import
Image advance settings (rollover image zoom, bevel, drop shadow)
Saving of student selections in assessment
YouTube and Vimeo integration

Improvements to enrolment process
Student summary notifications
Student study flow (free study & content before assessment)
Student results matrix
Automated email editor
Minor GUI design changes